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Sonoma Women at Work

About us

We are more than a networking group. We are smart, driven women who believe in building relationships and community support through connections and engagement. Anything becomes possible (and more fun!) when women work together.

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Welcome Video

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Welcome to Sonoma Women at Work
a networking and direct referral group for women in business.

Marin & Sonoma Women at Work Add Travel!
Girl's Trips!

I love to travel and traveling with friends is so much more fun; and that is why I wanted to created a group for women that also love to travel. You do not need to be a member, you do not need to be single you just need to love to travel! Email me to sign up for updates on our trips-no obligation. And just mention travel!

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A huge thank you to the North Bay Business Journal  for their continual support of local women in business and for their support of Marin & Sonoma Women at Work!
Please read May 2023 issue


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Tools/workshops to help support your business



I love Canva! Since I have started using the Canva app my Instagram posts have a more consistent professional look and its free!

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Small Business Development Center

This program is available in many cities in the US and is a great resource for small business. Mostly free but if there is a charge its minimal compared to for profit support. Check out our local chapter Marin SBDC: 

YWCA 50+ Workshops

Tech training, resume workshops and full/part-time job leads:

For more info:

A huge thank you to our SWAW Sponsor

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Karen Jenner_Redwoods.HEIC

About me:
I am a single mom of a 24 year old, 2 rescue dogs. I currently live in Sonoma, am an avid reader and love fashion and everything outdoors.

I founded MWAW 5 years ago as I have always loved working with and supporting women. I always wanted a business tribe before I even used that word.

We have many fabulous networking groups in Marin but I wanted (needed) a group that connected on another level. I want to be serious about building businesses and offering support while also enjoying our time together. No boring meetings!

I am a hugger (when we can) passionate about making and keeping connections, and driven for success. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, join us and share your stories with us. 


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