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Homa Rassouli

Homa Rassouli/Reverse Mortgage Specialist/Mutual of Omaha

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415-717-4618,, 7250 Redwood BLVD, Ste. 300 Novato 94945 Corporate NMLS #1025894

Your Local Reverse Mortgage Specialist.

With more than 40 years in the financial services and mortgage industry (the last 13 years

of which have been exclusively in the Reverse Mortgage business), Homa Rassouli

is a professional who brings extensive knowledge and expertise to her role.

She is proud to provide the education clients deserve so they can make informed,

empowered decisions. Homa makes recommendations that fit each client's

individual needs, whether they are looking to stop making monthly mortgage

payments, extend a retirement portfolio or achieve a specific goal.

Homa is honored to help create and promote education about reverse mortgages. RM is both a stream of income as a hedge and an asset. Assisting people in achieving financial security and confidence through the realization of their goals.

Reverse Mortgages were introduced to help older adults over 62 years old afford to stay in their homes as they age and turn some of their equity into cash without monthly payment requirements or using the Reverse Mortgage for purchase a new primary resident.

I educate my clients, so they fill empowered to make knowledgeable and informed decisions regarding their financial future.

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