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Nicole Stedman

Nikki Marie Apparel

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The brand Nikki Marie was established in my last year of the fashion program at West Valley College in 2012. However, I've been designing since I was a little girl tailoring my dolls clothes and dreaming of a fashion house of my own someday.

My Mission is to help you become your most authentic self, while having fun with fashion, and creating high quality pieces that are both sustainably and ethically made. I offer 5X-XS or made to measure dresses currently online or locally in the Pink Studio (named that because it’s literally painted pink).

Ethical & Sustainable:
To reduce any waste, garments are made to order in my workshop in Sonoma County, California. I now have a fully solar-powered workshop and design my own original artwork textiles. The majority of textiles are produced on organic cotton using an @oeko_tex certified textile production workshop right here in the USA. Original Artwork Silk scarves are handmade to order with eco-friendly inks and oeko-tex silk in London. That means no formaldehyde or lead in the fabrics. I also use designer deadstock materials as well.

The goal is to expand to a boutique/workshop all in one magical place to visit here in Sonoma County, California where staff is paid fairly, production is sustainable (fabrics created in the workshop from locally produced materials), and all in-house. Customers can shop knowing exactly how their garments were made and have a joyful shopping experience.

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