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Sima Mohamadian

Viva Mexicana

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Sima is owner of Viva Mexicana in Sebastopol CA. The restaurant has been around for almost 40 years and it’s been Sima’s for over 10 years. It’s focused is on gourmet Mexican food that uses quality local ingredients, organic whenever possible, and unintentionally caters to those with dietary issues, including a plethora of vegan options and gluten free options.

It has been featured in several articles and has a loyal following. The restaurant also features Oaxacan Artists that speaks to the Oaxacan inspired Mexican food served everyday. Online ordering, Catering, and delivery and amazing desserts are also available, making them a go to restaurant for many in our community.

Viva Supports schools and during covid supported efforts to get hygiene products and food to organizations that supported low income families, in particular, women and children.

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