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Business words of advice from MWAW Members

#1. From Denise/Liberating Little Bags:

To do: call all previous customers

Outcome: possibility of new purchases, stability of future pipeline, ideas for creating new bags.

#2. From Carolyn Kohler/Website Wordsmith

Let your clients know you are in business.

Do projects that will help your business grow when things get better.

Manage your Google my business listing.

#3. From Elaine Cramer/Touchstone Crystals:

1. If you create a fundraiser for your business, choose an organization that your clients would appreciate and want to benefit.

2. How long will you keep the fundraiser going? One week, one month?

3. Create a marketing tool that you use for your business, such as an email blast, social media, flyers, memes, and your  webpage.  Should you do a live event?

4. Define your audience. Who should you market to?

5. At the end of fundraiser, reach out to everyone that you originally invited to participate and let them know all about your fundraiser success.

6. Make sure you also let the organization know who you will benefit. They may share it on their webpage, social media etc. You may even build your client base by partnering.

#4 From Karen Kilian/Marin Women at Work

1. Stay focused, don't give up and let's work together to get through this.


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