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CRM, why your small business needs one and how to choose one:

CRM-customer relationship management. Full podcast link: PODCAST LINK In this podcast Karen Cavanaugh w/KLC Marketing Group goes into detail on why every small business needs a CRM. Bottom line to capture prospects and leads and convert them into paying customers. When creating a marketing funnel you want to target your customer's needs and categorize the follow up sales process. It is important not to create a one size fits all email campaign but to create letters that apply to the individual customer needs and interests. Small businesses need CRM's even more than large businesses because their marketing funds are limited. CRM services to look for:

  1. Email Marketing

  2. Marketing Automation

  3. Sales Pipeline

  4. Landing Pages & Web Forms

  5. Ecommerce

  6. Basic SEO

How to choose: To get started Constant Contact and MailChimp are fine for email campaigns, but do not provide the automation necessary. Middle of the road is best for small business: Like Active Campaign & Hubspot (FYI, their free version will not provide the necessary services, paid version is pricey) Salesforce is too pricey and too expensive for small business. I went with ActiveCampaign. Their customer service has been awesome. If you decide to go with Active please link here as they are now an affiliate and MWAW gets a small commission at no additional cost to you. ActiveCampaign Link Be sure to listen as there is so much more invaluable information provided and too much to put in a written post. PODCAST LINK

10 of our current favorite business books: BOOK LINK


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