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DIY Marketing Tips for Small Business

Join Ann Gusiff/Gusiff Marketing & Colleen Jordan/Marketing Strategist | Multimedia Sales Specialist in this informative podcast focusing on marketing tips that you can do on your own to up your marketing strategy.

Feeling stuck? Or that your marketing strategy is losing its momentum? Or perhaps you don't have one? Then this is a must listen, Ann & Colleen have vary diverse marketing backgrounds and in this podcast they share their knowledge and strengths in marketing to help you be more successful in your business.

The bottom line from this-you CAN get started on your own!

Use these tips until you can hire someone:

1. The name of your company/website should be the same across all social media channels.

2. Your email should also match your domaine name.

3. Update and monitor your Google Business Page.

4. Use hybrid marketing-once you are at a point when you can hire someone pick at least one social media platform and pay someone to do the work.

5. Find someone, like Colleen, that works in media and that you can trust and have that person help you and give you media advice.


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