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Marin Women at Work does video, finally:)

Okay I own it, I have come to video kicking and screaming. Video is something we have discussed many times at our MWAW meetings and I remained on the opposing side for many months okay maybe even over a year. But the reality is video is here to stay and is an important component in running a small business; and that is why I finally decided to dive in (put my foot in) to the world of video. (Check out my first video below.)

My truth is not the fear of technology, but my two reasons thus far for avoiding it are:

1. I have a short attention span for videos and only watch those that are less than two minutes and they must contain pets:) Silly right? But thats what I like to watch on Facebook.

2. Reason number 2 is the one that took me the longest to come to terms with...I see every wrinkle I have when video taping myself, my arms just aren't long enough:)...and guess what? I don't like seeing myself like that. I want the 40 year old me face, way before videos were so prevalent.

Since pets have nothing to do with our networking group and my wrinkles are not going to go away I have decided to face the reality that video is important to building a network and decided to just go for it. I started with an Instagram story and have committed to myself to post every Friday (fun fact Friday) I will also plan on adding a video to Facebook and now our MWAW website.

And most importantly I really am trying to embrace 55 year old me and have the confidence in myself and the aging process.

Whats your story on video? Are you embracing it? Has it helped your business? Your secrets to video success? Share your thoughts with me in an email at


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