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Three Coaches Three Perspectives 2021

Three coaches with three different coaching styles share three different perspectives! I love working with coaches and find their knowledge and open minded point of view has so much value in building businesses. Meet our coaches:

Kelly Biasiolli/Meet the Moment Well Triggered responses start in the body; how to change that and reduce stress by acknowledging it and hitting reset. Easy steps like taking deep breaths, thinking of something that makes you smile, being aware of the space around you and how your body is reacting. Meet the Moment Well

Jodi Weitz/Jodi Weitz Coaching Jodi, a proven growth strategist, discusses how you can achieve your goals in two parts. 1. Lay the ground work, 5 steps to help you get started in business. 2. Developing a system to measure your success, what you need to do on a daily, weekly basis to achieve your goals. Jodi Weitz Coaching

Cynthia Gregory/Executive Coach/Life Strategist & self proclaimed word geek. How writing proper content will benefit your business. Uplevel your conversation for social media and the steps that will help you get there. Join groups like Shut and Write, journal with intention, and create a ritual. An important message for writers that want to create a book but also for the business owner writing their own content. Cynthia Gregory Creativity

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