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When your business slows in summer, be proactive!

Podcast link:When summer comes its easy to slack off a bit from running your business. The kids are home from school, friends are calling for walks on the beach, happy hour-oh the temptations! And then for many of us foot traffic lightens up, meeting attendance dwindles, the phone stops ringing.

Its a great time to do a little self care, right! Absolutely. But it's also important to continue to run your business; the worst time to slack off is when business slows. If I am not vacationing I take the slower times in my business to get organized, to attend to all of the details you can't get to when business picks up again.

We still need income so its important to figure out what you can do to replace summer slow down.

In short:

Network! Connect with past clients, reconnect w/everyone either in person by phone or an email.

Create a buzz! Promote future products/services.

Schedule your one to ones! You have collected business cards in the past reach out and meet that person.

Partner with another business.

Offer a discount for a limited time only!


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