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When Your Facebook Account Get's Hacked

Oh my goodness what a frustrating couple of weeks. First of all there is no one to talk to at Facebook. Somehow hackers were able to change my email address and my PW, which made it impossible to recover my account.

Then because I place ads w/FB my Paypal account was hacked which then lead to my business banking account being hacked.

I am not sure that there is really any way to avoid being hacked (my passwords are secure) but a simple way not to not lose access is to add another person (today) as an Administrator on your account. That way when you create a new FB account that person can add you as an administrator to the original hacked account so that you have access again.

Its easier to create a new FB profile with a new email, not the one you were using on the account that was hacked.

Its well worth a listen in its entirety as there are additional tips provided. Full Podcast Link

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As always, much success.



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