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About our affiliates links. In addition to sharing the books I have enjoyed through Amazon I have found that adding affiliate links can support small business owners, creators and writers.!

If you have a product you would like to promote, please reach out to me.

Books written by or co-written by MWAW members (click on the picture to purchase):

Ulrikas book.jpg

MWAW Member, Camilla Gray Nelson's most recent book: "nature's surprising secrets for getting along while getting your way. Now what business woman doesn't want that?!

MWAW member Ilani Kopecki: This book was co-authored by 25 healers (including me!).  Each chapter is unique, and gives you ways to empower yourself with self healing tools. 

MWAW member Ulrika Brattemark can be found on page 21. 40 women come together to celebrate a new era and make a difference.

MWAW member Camilla Gray Nelson: reveals secrets of quiet control. Posture, eye contact, clear boundaries, feedback and follow through.

Tools & links for small business:

Must have links for any small business
No obligation by clicking on the link​

1. Active Campaign: If you are not using a CRM you are losing sales. After plenty of research I went with AC. Active Campaign Link:

2. Canva: I have only used the free plan and love it for IG & LinkedIn and now my Ebook.  Canva Link

3. SBDC: Small Business Development Center, please check for a branch in your town. Invaluable business tips & tools free of charge.
SBDC Link: 

Green Screen: Best quality and ease of use for the price.

Video Lights: There are better and certainly more expensive lights but I have had this for over a year and it works for me.

Please excuse our affiliate links its the best way we have found so far to bring you resources we value. We receive a small commission from all purchases

I respect and admire Maria Shrivers grace and resilience. She has always been a voice of hope, equality and love. Feeling a little down or need a little inspiration, this book is for you. Perfect for a gift too.

I love this book! Jessica Butts writing style is direct, bold, honest; she allows for no excuses in making changes in your life. A great read and jump start to 2021!

The 7 things resilient people do differently and how they can help you be resilient in business and in life.

Not a business focused book, but I am in the middle of menopause and my memory sucks! This is a wonderful tool to understand what we can do to help/improve our memory.

It is no surprise that I like this book, its like you are reading something your girlfriend wrote to you. If you are starting a business or feeling stuck or even a little insecure about your path, this is a must read. 

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